Help for children affected by domestic violence

Past projects





Project ”Three pillars of Safety“: January 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

On January 1, 2015, we embarked on the realisation of the project “Three Pillars of Safety”. This project was supported by the charitable foundation Open Society Fund Prague from its programme „Let´s give women a chance“ financed by Norwegian funds. The project was also supported by the charitable foundations Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem and Nadace Naše dítě, and by the Czech Ministry of Social Affairs from its funding programme “Family and Protection of children´s rights.”

The aim of: Three Pillar of Safety” was to establish an innovative system of work with families who have experienced domestic violence; this system provides protection to children, supports children and their families with comprehensive and responsive help, and thus contributes to reduction of domestic violence.

To achieve these goals, we opened Centrum LOCIKA in May 2015 – a centre that provides comprehensive support for children who have experienced domestic violence.


What was the main contribution of this project?

The main contribution of the project is in establishment of a specialized centre for children who have experienced domestic violence in the Czech Republic, Centrum LOCIKA.

Other positive outputs:

- published research documenting the impact of domestic violence on children, entitled „Children, parents and domestic violence” – partner of this research being VUPSV v.v.i. ((Research institute for labour and social affairs)

- publication of a vocabulary of terms connected with domestic violence, the product of four round table discussions with professionals and experts in the field of child welfare

- a recommendation to the Czech Ministry of Social Affairs, the output of professional conference with 140 participants

- realization of the informational campaign “What is normal at home” (5 videos, leaflets, posters, new website and Facebook profile)

- coverage of Centrum LOCIKA´s work in TV and print media – see part for media

- specific target group (160 children in a range of 4950 JOV) used service of LOCIKA centre, established and developed of cooperation with all key partners. We do not cooperate directly with Norwegian partner but we get best-practice information via OSF-  The Open Society fund Prague. To guarantee the sustainability of this project, we managed to include LOCIKA in the network of social services financed by Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Justice; we cooperate also with partners from business field.


Expert round tables

Round table meetings of experts were part of “Three Pillars of Safety” project – concrete output being dictionary of terms related to domestic violence.


First meeting took place on February 19, 2015 in “Dům národnostních menšin”. The participants were, in addition to the core “Three Pillar” team and ACORUS colleagues, professional staff of the Social and Legal Protection Institute, the Children´s Crisis Centre, “League of Open-minded Men” Research Institute of Social Affairs, Philosophical Faculty – department of social affairs, Prodialogue, Intervention centre Prague, Viola project and an associate judge of Prague 3 district.

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This meeting took place on March 19, 2015 in HUB Smíchov, and produced a lively discussion of participants from all professional areas related to domestic violence. The expert meeting was moderated by Mgr. Kateřina Šlezingerová and professional guarantor of Three Pillar project Dr.. Oldřich Matoušek who introduced the scope of services offered by Centrum LOCIKA and the methodology of intake evaluation of needs of children, future clients of the centre.

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This meeting took place on November 18, 2015 on the premises of Centrum LOCIKA, and was led by David Čáp PhD from LOM- Initiative for quality men´s life

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This meeting took place at LOCIKA and was moderated by chief of LOCIKA Bc. Petra Wünschová and Dr.. Oldřich Matoušek.

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This campaign started on November 24, 2015, and was very impactful mainly for the teenage target group which was focus of related video spots. Thanks to connection with young YouTuber VladaVideos, the spot reached 44.000 views!!

The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness about the problems faced by children who have experience domestic violence. Video spots for Centrum LOCIKA were shot by studio Družina led by the reputable director Jan Látal.  The campaign started on November 24 on the eve of International Day of Violence Against Women, and publicized at a press conference held at Ponrepo Caffé. The output, in addition to the videos and press release – was a Facebook campaign supported by more than 1000 informational leaflets distributed to elementary and grammar schools in Prague. Videos were streamed on Centrum LOCIKA website and YouTube channel, with appeal to partner organisations to share online.


Facebook – reach of 84.143 users; 44,000 views of video of VladaVideos; two follow-up videos with more than 10.000 views; 400 new visitors to LOCIKA web pages with total 400 “likes”; new viewers of LOCIKA YouTube channel; distribution of more than 1000 leaflets describing Centrum LOCIKA. These great results could be achieved thanks to web sharing of partners but above all support of our donors: Nadace OSF Praha, Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem, the Czech Ministry of Social Affairs and Norwegian Funds .

Campaign videos:

 1.Quiz that asks, “WHAT IS NORMAL AT HOME?”, guided by popular YouTuber VLADAVIDEOS.

 2.“How does the child experiencing domestic violence feel??”, narrated by the charismatic voice of well-known actor Hynek Čermák.

3. “One story: three different views.” Have a look at our work at CENTRU LOCIKA!


Qualitative and quantitative research exploring the effects of domestic violence on children´s development was prepared in cooperation with the Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs (RILSA). A research report with accompanying data were published in March 2016.

To download, click here:

Results of research Children, parents and domestic violence

Content of research realized by the Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs within the framework of the project “Three Pillars of Safety” is as follows:

- discussion groups and in-depth talks with Acorus professionals,

- statistical data analysis of documentation of Acorus clients

- in-depth interviews with children and adults who have experienced domestic violence.

Results of research “Children, parents and domestic violence” on the pattern of Acorus clients were presented at the Press conference.

The question “what was the most surprising outcome of this research” was answered by Jana Barvíková who led discussions with young people: „Everybody with whom I talked struggles to overcome negative consequences of their family situation in the past. While hearing the stories of young people, I saw, behind their fragility and vulnerability, their significant internal strength of which they are sometimes not even aware. I feel deep admiration for the resilience that children of domestic violence experience. Those of us who experienced safety at home and felt true support of their parents could hardly imagine what these young people were exposed to and what they still struggle with. All respondents could name skills they gained due to their bitter experience. One of the respondents claimed that the only way to overcome such traumatic experiences in childhood is to accept it and “grow thanks to it”. If she takes her experience with domestic violence as a gift and finds its positive side, the gives meaning and sense to what was otherwise a horrifying experience. If not, she misses her chance and remains a passive victim for her whole life.” Jana Paloncyová added: „We need to underscore that we spoke only with people who managed to cope with their experience with domestic violence to such extent that they were able and willing to share their experiences. Those who were less fortunate cannot possibly be involved in such research.“ 


This methodology was developed as part of a pilot project during the first year of operations of Centrum LOCIKA, the first centre in the Czech Republic specialized on children who have experience domestic violence. It reflects not only long-term work experience at ACORUS’ shelter for children exposed to domestic violence and experience with SIDRO methodology but also practical experience during Centrum LOCIKA’s first year of operation. This methodology was developed with the help of the entire professional team at Centrum LOCIKA.

Centrum LOCIKA was founded within the framework of “Three Pillars of Safety’, a project supported by the charitable foundation Open Society Fund Prague’s programme „Let´s give women a chance“, with funding from Norwegian Funds. LOCIKA has also been supported by Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem, Nadace Naše dítě and the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs from a donation programme Family and protection of children´s rights. The goal of establishing Centrum LOCIKA centre is to create a well-functioning system of work with the whole family who experiences domestic violence. This system should be based on three separate pillars, with comprehensive support for all involved parties.


Project Three Pillars of Safety

The project Three Pillars of Safety was launched on January 1st, 2015. Project received support from Open Society Fund Praha Foundation programm Let’s Give (Wo)men a Chance programme, financed by EEA Grants. We also thank for funding from Nadace Terezy Maxové (foundation), Nadace Naše dítě (foundation) and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The project aims at creation of innovative system of work with a family threatened by domestic violence as a whole. System, that would protect interests of the child, that would provide complex and sensitive care and would thus provide for decrease of occurrence of domestic violence. As a first step to this goal, center for complex help to children threatened by domestic violence LOCIKA was opened in May 2015 – PHOTO HERE

Other activities of the project

Expert Round-tables

Meetings of experts at the round-table are next of the „Three Pillars of Safety“. As a result of four meetings of experts, we shall prepare dictionary of notions covering the area of domestic violence.

What is the definition of domestic violence?

Was the topic of the first discussion we held on February 19th, 2015 at Dům národnostních menšin. Participants were professionals from area of social and legal protection of families. Among them were our colleagues from ACORUS, Dětské krizové centrum (Crisis center for Children), Liga otevřených mužů (Open Men‘s League), Výzkumný ústav práce a sociálních věcí (Research institute for labour and social affairs), Social Work Department of Faculty of Philosophy (Charles‘ University), Prodialog, Intervenční centrum Praha (Center for intervention – Prague), Viola project and judge of the Prague 3 District Court. PHOTO HERE

Best interest of the child and its needs

Second meeting of experts was held on March3rd, 2015 at Smíchov HUB. Again we had an opportunity to witness productive discussion of professionals concerned with area of domestic violence. Moderators were Mgr. Kateřina Šlezingerová and guarantor of our project „Three Pillars of Safety“ Doc. Oldřich Matoušek, who also presented to others present variety of services of LOCIKA center, and methodology of introductory assessment of needs of its future children clients. PHOTO HERE


Acorus in cooperation with Výzkumný ústav práce a sociálních věcí (Research institute for labour and social affairs) currently realizes research targeted at impact of domestic violence on development of the child. Results will contain qualitative and statistic data, publication planned for March 2016.

Assessment methodology for condition of child and family threatened by domestic violence

We are developing assessment methodology for condition of child and family threatened by domestic violence. After we finalize it, it will be published here.