Help for children affected by domestic violence


Our operation

Launching cooperation

You can contact us by phone, by e-mail or personally, with recommendation, or even without any. We shall invite you for initial consultation in our center, each family member separately.

Family condition mapping

During 4-6 meetings (one of them at your home) with you and your child we shall map your family condition, and after consulting further professionals, we shall propose to you in our center a plan of future cooperation.

Support fitted to needs 

Complex care based in individual plan provided to you and your child.

Whom you can meet when visiting us

Staff of our center are psychologists, therapists and social workers with long-term experience in area of domestic violence and in work with children and adults. 

Who do we cooperate with

During cooperation with you and your child we are in contact with other professionals, who are part of solution of your condition at home, for the purpose of coordination of professional care, so that it fits to the needs of yours and of your child.

Where to direct further inquires

Any inquires or recommendations please direct at our e-mail, phone or Facebook contacts (also anonymously).

Initial consultation of care please order at phone number 734 441 233 or e-mail

Can you propose, how can we make our service better?

Write to

Do you want to hand in complaint?

All clients (children and also parents) are eligible to hand in complaint concerning quality and manner of the service provided. Complaint may express lack of satisfaction with quality of the service and/or with the procedure of specific operative. Complaints directed at overall operation patterns of our center are also accepted.

Complaint form

Procedure for passing complaint

Submission of a complaint has no influence on the professional service provided to the complaining client. Complaint is understood as reflection of center’s operation. Settlement of complaint will lead to better quality of service.

How to hand in complaint

  1. Complaint can submitted in in one’s own name or anonymously
  2. Verbally – to operative of the center who provides for record of the complaint
  3. In writing:
  4. In a letter addressed to centrum LOCIKA Umělecká 588/6, Praha 7, 170 00
  5. In an e-mail to
  6. Into the Memorial Book at reception desk of LOCIKA center
  7. Into the box of entrance door of LOCIKA center

Settlement of complaints

  1. All professionals at service can receive complaints
  2. Less severe complaint eligible for immediate settlement will be settled by the professional, who receives the complaint
  3. Repeated complaints will be settled by manager or deputy-manager of the center

LOCIKA manager,, phone 734 441 233

  1. Answer to the complainer is provided in standard time to 30 days from submission
  2. Answer is always in written form and is sent to the address provided by the complainer, or passed in a manner indicated by the complainer. Answer to anonymous complainer we send at indicated e-mail or post-up at the notice board at center’s reception desk.
  3. Indications of complainer‘s identity in cases of anonymous complaints, or when appropriate, will be kept undisclosed. The answer will contain no person indicating data. 
  4. It is also possible to submit complaint to the social department of the Prague Magistrate: Magistrát hlavního města Prahy, Odbor sociálních věcí a zdravotnictví, Charvátova 9, Praha 1, phone 236 004 111.
  5. Complaint may be submitted for independent evaluation to: Kancelář ochránce lidských práv (ombudsman) Údolní 39, 602 00 Brno, phone 542 542 777.