Help for children affected by domestic violence


How do we help?

Help for children

We offer individual and group therapies with experienced consultants.

Working with an endangered child and parent is a long process. On average, it requires 6 months and includes 10 sessions with psychologist, therapist and  social worker. First of all, we analyze the situation of the child and its family. Then we design and provide a tailor-made therapy process. 


Help for parents

We run socio-therapeutic adult groups in LOCIKA. They are designed to support and strengthen parenting skills. Through counseling, interactive video training and parent-child therapy sessions, both mother and father can improve their relationship and interaction with their child. We aim to create an environment where a child can experience safe contact with both parents without any further traumatization. In such an environment, the child can finally adopt its healthy identity without violent behavioral patterns.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts consists of four psychologists, an art-therapist, an interactive video coach and of two social workers. (proklik about team).

Annually, we expect to provide help to 150 children, mostly from Prague and the Central Bohemia region.